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since July 10, 2005.
Pop A Yellow Smoke and Other Memories FROM A COMBAT VETERAN MARINE, VIETNAM, 1969-1970 by W. Charles Truitt
Chuck Truitt at FSB FullerAbout: Pop A Yellow Smoke and Other Memories tells of a U.S. Marineís time in Vietnam. The 28 chapters chronologically cover the authorís tour of duty from July 1969 through August 1970. The stories, are true, poignant, and often humorous. More ...

Excerpt: I remember one bright, moonlit night, so bright that every object could be plainly seen, though the eerie shadows caused everything to seem alive and moving. There was a noise coming from a couple trash cans set down next to a blast wall made from dirt filled ammo boxes. Although I was sure that it was a rat, it needed to be checked out, investigated anyhow. I had on my deuce gear, including a bandoleer, and of course my M16 rifle, and flack jacket. More ...

Reviews: As a former member of the 1st Radio Bn and Vietnam veteran 1965-66 all I can say is Chuck hit the nail right on the head!! Pop a Yellow Smoke is a great account of our time in Vietnam. 1st Radio is a very special group of people and when you read this you will understand why More ...

1st Radio Battalion Dedication: This book is in dedication to, and with thanks to all the men of the 1st Radio Battalion who served our great country fighting the spread of communism in the Republic of South Vietnam.More ...