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Pop A Yellow Smoke and Other Memories
VIETNAM, 1969-1970
by W. Charles Truitt

Pop A Yellow Smoke
Here's some reviews from some other guys who've read this book:

Paul Futtrup (former Marine) As a former member of the 1st Radio Bn and Vietnam veteran 1965-66 all I can say is Chuck hit the nail right on the head!!Pop a Yellow Smoke is a great account of our time in Vietnam.1st Radio is a very special group of people and when you read this you will understand why.

Lenny Cassman (former Marine) This is a great book. It tells it like it really was. If you're like me and have a hard time explaining the Vietman experience to your kids and grandkids, have them read this book and they'll understand. It says all the things that I don't know how to explain. A big thanks to Chuck Truitt for a job well done!
Barry Chancellor (retired SgtMaj - USA type) Proof that you can be a Christian and a Marine (soldier, airman, sailor or coasty) and still serve the Lord. Chuck Truitt was my family Pastor and my personnel friend while we were stationed with 1st Special Forces Group on Okinawa. He knows the military and his writings are fun and inspiring. I enjoyed Chap 24 "Bara Bara" because it reminded me of how fearless Chuck is when he knows he is in the right. I also remember one of his favorite sayings that helps me to this day, "Lets Pray About It".
Donald Blake (This guy is a former squid, who has recently co-shared in a Nobel Prize for some scientific thing. Don and I served together in Scotland where I was in the Marine company in Edzell back in the early 1970's) What a great book, particularly for those who served in the crypto field during the war. Itís not a ďkill them all and let God sort them outĒ type of a book, but it accurately illustrates an important area of military intelligence that is rarely discussed. I had forgotten many of the everyday sayings mentioned throughout the text. Thanks Chuck for taking notes and photos during your time in. This is a book that will be enjoyed by everyone who reads it. Captain Rhine was the finest officer I served with (a feeling shared by many Iím sure) and so I was extremely happy to see a photo of him on page 51. Thanks Chuck for taking the time to write this book. What a wonderful gift to your children and grandchildren (and to ours also).
Bruce R. Smith (retired MSgt USMC) An outstanding portrayal of everyday life in the "trenches" of South Vietnam. Looking at the Vietnam experience through a humorous approach was a real treat for me. Most of us who served there can relate to the rats, the rations and the seemingly non-sensical orders that came down from the "powers that be" back in the rear areas. A realistic look at the war without focussing on the perils of combat. Having served in the same unit before and after that of the author, I can attest to the fact that nothing much changed over time. A great uplifting read, check it out.....
Mina Oglesby (Female civilian) Women Will Like This Book - This book is not only a thrilling read in places, but you can take it in bits and pieces just for the fun of some of the stories. This is not a blood and guts tome that leaves you scared and depressed...it is one soldier's account of a hard personal journey, told with honesty, candor, and humor. We are glad to call Chuck Truitt our friend, and highly recommend his book to you.
Catherine Crawford (Catherine is a former Marine) Absolutley captivating - I loved the book! Chuck's ability to tell a story, made it seem like I was right there with him. "Pop a yellow Smoke" is easy to read and the humor in which he relays his experiances, makes it hard to put down.
George C. Markos (Civilian, DeBary, Florida) I couldn't put the book down! Thanks for giving me a different aspect of Vietnam. The comraderie, and loyalty to your unit along with the bantering escapades you had with the other branches of service had me eager to get on to the next chapter. The section on the terminology used by the military and accompanying pictures helped me understand alot of what I was reading as well as what members of my family experienced while they were there. My brother-in-law's UH1 'Slick' (I always thought it was a Huey) crashed near Vinh Long on July 22, 1969. Now I understand what it was like for him in Vietnam. He told us before he left, "We have to stop Communism somewhere, It might as well be there!" His death made the Hollywood version a bitter pill to swallow. This book is worth reading just for the humor, but a must read for the perspective this dedicated Marine (who is also a Christian) gives of the war in Vietnam. Wait until you read why he calls it "Pop a Yellow Smoke!" Two thumbs up!