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Pop A Yellow Smoke and Other Memories
VIETNAM, 1969-1970
by W. Charles Truitt

Pop A Yellow Smoke
1st Radio Battalion This book is in dedication to, and with thanks to all the men of the 1st Radio Battalion who served our great country fighting the spread of communism in the Republic of South Vietnam.

By changing the names around, these could be nearly the same stories for many of the other Marines of the battalion.

Thank you Rick, George, Joe, Pineapple, Carl, Will, Bob and the other battalion veterans who encouraged me to put these stories into a book. Our children can now know what we did, and wont have to think of us as war criminals, baby killers, and the many other false images we have been portrayed as being. You and I know that we served honorably, and with honorable intent. We did our jobs, and did them in an exemplary manner. Some of our friends died doing the same thing. Now our children can have confidence in us.

Though most of these pictures are my own, I certainly want to give my sincere thanks to those Marines who have allowed me to use theirs, as well as the very few pictures that were acquired from other sources.