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Theron Takaki last modified: January 29, 2012
Personal Information:
Member Status: Profile
First MI Last Name: Theron Takaki
Nickname: Tak
Email: takakit_AT_cs_DOT_com
City: Sunnyvale
State: California
ZIP: 94087
Country: United States
Gender: Male
Occupation: Retired
Company Web Site:
Years in-out: 1964-1970
Vietnam in-out: 1968-1969
MOS-Language: 2571, 12574-Mandrin
Last Rank: USMC-SSgt
Conflicts I was awarded medals
War zone locations - year US Naval Ships - year
  Vietnam: Cam Lo 1969
  Vietnam: Danang 1968
  Vietnam: Dong Ha 1968
  Vietnam: Vandegrift / LZ Stud 1969
US CT locations - year Other CT locations - year
  Camp Lejeune, NC 1970
  Camp Pendelton, CA 1964
  Kaneohe Bay, HI 1967
  Monterey, CA 1966
  Pensacola, FL 1965

USMC Travels:

09/64 Boot, San Diego
03/65 Pensacola
09/65 Monterey, DLIWC, Mandrin
08/66 1st Radio, Hawaii
68 thru 69 LZ Stud, Dong Ha, Da Nang, and some hill tops #s I can't remeber
69 thru 70 2nd Radio
70 Discharged

Personal Quote:


Dirt Bikes, Photography, Squash, Golf, Skiing, Diving, and Supermoto


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