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Rest in Peace 2011
Name:Robert Dean Carrillo
High School:Highlands High
First Year:0000
Last Year:0000
Class Year:1984
City:North Highlands
Postal Code:95662
Country:United States
Military Branch:US Marine Corps
First Year Military:1996
Last Year Military:2003

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DOD: May 21, 2011
The murder-suicide that shattered an 11-year-old boy's birthday party in North Highlands on Saturday evening is believed to have stemmed from a domestic eviction, according to authorities.

Sacramento County sheriff's allege that 44-year-old Robert Dean Carrillo fatally shot his 34-year-old sister, Dolores Lucero Tornel, before turning the gun on himself.

Sheriff's spokesman Deputy Jason Ramos said Carrillo had been staying at his sister's San Ardo Way home because he was down on his luck.

Tornel was apparently returning the favor, as she had stayed with Carrillo sometime in the past when she had fallen on hard times, Ramos said.

But on Saturday evening, as family and friends were celebrating the 11th birthday of Tornel's son, Tornel and her older brother got into an argument.

At one point, Ramos said, Tornel told Carrillo he had to move out, and the argument escalated. Carrillo ultimately pulled out a handgun and shot his sister in the garage, where he had set up a makeshift bedroom, Ramos said.

Carrillo then went inside the home and threatened those gathered there that he would shoot them if they didn't leave, Ramos said. When they fled the home, he returned to the garage, lay down on a bed and shot himself, Ramos said.

Nobody else was injured

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