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Gene Yarbrough |
1stRadBn May70-Jul71 Danag -Hill327. Too many yrs gone by wud like to here from anyone knowing me.ret Feb1994 fm 8thCommBn Orig MOS 2575. AO diabeties. Rember Brewington Fm 2dRadBN didnt know what an afterbirth was. Steve Huddleston, Dave Potter, Have Picture of dave on bunker in DaNangJJ MCDonough sounds familiar but memory is hazy, Email g.ysgt@live.com tks
23 May 2010

Michael Gwin, Msg Retd. |
Hello my fellow Marines, I am looking for any fellow Marines who served in the 1stBn/3rdMar/3rdMarDiv. in VietNam between Jan. and Sept. 1965. or any info you may have about this unit during that time. Or how to get unit history. I will appreciate any info I can get GREATLY.
12 May 2010

Charles Boll |
Looking forward to 2010 reunion in AZ. Any DF Marines from 60 to 63,
Hawaii, Email me. Charles1_68@q.com.
Semper Fi
10 May 2010 - Phoenix, AZ

Seamus O'Rourke |
Semper Fi brothers!
28 April 2010 - Ireland

Bruce 'BR' Smith |
Sorry to report the recent death of Norbert "Nick" Szombathelyi on 4/10/10. Norb died in a trajic motorcycle accident caused by a massive heart attack. He was on his way home to p'cola from wisconsin after visiting his former Marine Brother Joe, who has terminal cancer. Norb's services were held 4/21 at the pier on gulf beach hwy. His favorite hang out. Norb was a great friend and will be sorely missed...Semper Fi BR
25 April 2010

Bruce 'BR' Smith | |
Not too late to check out the new Marine Corps Cryptologic assoc. website. Go to the link on this site or visit www.mccaonline.org; also check out Marine,together we served.com. go to search and service details then to MOS's...there are over 2400 26XX and 257X Marines listed...S/F....BR
25 April 2010

Guadalupe Moncebaiz |
looking for any one from H2/4 3rd marines div in 1969,70
23 April 2010

Charles A. Boll |
Has anyone seen or ran into
Joe Cirelli, or Ron Steffee? They were the old salts of 1st Radio in 1962.
7 April 2010 - Phoenix, Arizona

Paul Pamrow |
Just checking in to say hello to all my former 1st and 3rd Rad buddies. Just retired last year, best times of my career were had during my two RadBn tours.
7 April 2010 - Sierra Vista, AZ

Webmaster comments   Paul, please register so the rest of us can find you.

Semper Fi,


Cheri Bellow |
Looking for a Ronald Perkins platoon 302 2nd bn, Parris Island, SC around 1946. Parents Roy & Esther Racine, WI
30 March 2010

Ed Gartland |
New e-mail is NH.LFOD@gmail.com
26 March 2010

Donald Denton |
Joe - I obtained one of the original tin badges from a minister who had also been a RadBnner. He was surprised to find out there was another 'member of the cloth' who had been a RadBnner in a prior life
20 March 2010 - Virginia

Renee Kelley |
I am looking for a marine Bill Kirby who has a twin Bob from Indiana. I know that he was deployed in Japan in or around 1973. If you should have any info please email me.
10 March 2010 - Indiana

Lester |
Looking for anyone w/1st Plt, A Co, 1/26 from 1969. Reunion in works.
6 March 2010 - Florida

Robert Bruce Abbe |
Looking for any of the guys from platoon 302 March 62 P.I. S.C.
2 March 2010 - USA

John Schaffer |
Anyone From Platoon 26 Parris Island in 1949
18 February 2010


Bruce |
Hey all, If you haven't checked out the new MCCA website, try the link from this site. Jay Adams and Steve Tepper did a great job. The MCCA now has over 400 members....There is an Application form on the site....Semper Fi
4 February 2010 - Bemidji, Mn

SSgt Freddie McNeeley USMCR |
Trying to locate anyone from Sig. Co., 1st. Sig Bn., !st Mardiv from Sept 15 , l950 to July 1951
1 February 2010

Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret | |
w w w . v e t e r a n p r o g r a m s . c o m

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w w w . v e t e r a n p r o g r a m s . c o m
1 January 2010 - Highland, CA

James J. Hansen |
looking for Ed Kennington and Mike Milton
5 December 2009 - Minneapolis Minnesota

judy cheng |
looking for any info PFC Kenneth Costanva KIA 09-24-69,quang nam,he was inv in operation Durham Peak,operntion pipestone canyon,was with coi,3rdbn,5th mar,1st mar div,1968-1969,came from Rochester,ny,pls contact me: judycheng@frontiernet.net
10 November 2009 - rochester,ny

Michael T. Ayer | |
To: Rick, Larry F. and Joe C., Since my last posting I have confirmed that a Roscoe K. Bruner lives in Interlachen, Florida, which is near Orange Lake and Gainesville, just north of Ocala. This has to be Rocky's son. I hope to get some contact information soon to pass along.
7 November 2009 - Ocala, Florida

Michael T. Ayer |
This to Larry Fincher! Larry I served with you on Adak arriving in January of 1964. I believe I have Rocky Bruner's email address somewhere. He has a son living close to me here in Florida. We corresponded for a brief time but not recently. A computer change is creating some difficulty finding his contact information. He is living in KY. I know little of this site, so will close for now until I see if this posts.
3 November 2009 - Ocala, Florida

Linda Quible |
I found this site while searching for info about my father, MSgt Walter F Hunter. He served with 1st Radio in Japan, Kaneohe and Torii Station in the 50's and 60's. He passed in June 1979 of massive heart attack. I saw the picture of basic school Nov 60, and wondered if Gunny Hunter was in the front row. I know he went to California for training while we were in Hawaii. Does anyone remember? Thanks so much. I was raised on military bases and wouldn't trade the experiences for anything.
30 October 2009 - West River MD

Don Pountain |
I am looking for those who served at Co L, MC Spt Battalion, Phu Bai, in early 1967. I am especially interested if anyone can remember the Marine Sgt. who played the flute's name. I was a CTI2 attached to the unit.
26 October 2009 - Monterey, California

Charles Boll |
Has anyone seen, or heard from
John K. Polzin?
24 October 2009 - Phoenix, AZ

patrick cowles |
I was in 1sT Radio Bn in 1976 to 1979.is your listing Charles Gallina the same person as Capt,(later Major)Galina who was c/o ob Bravo and then later Alpha co. The only historical info I know on him is he was on the vietnam DMZ for xmas 1968. He was a mustange officer and had been a sargent before OCS. I know he was an enlisted radio bn member during Vietnam.
23 October 2009 - midland tx

Michaela Knight |
search update. I have located one person from my fathers marine years and have learned I am a few years too late on a few others. Please help me locate Charlie Barber, Ray jones, JT Travis, TD Conner, Art Havens, Gary Curtis, Peterson, sam, terry, boss, and henry. If there are any sights or search engines that would be helpful, please someone let me know. These men were in the Corp 64-68 give or take a year . camp Lejeune/ Geiger and Vietnam. Please tag subject line as marine buddy search, as those are the ones I open immediately.
6 October 2009

Lauren Symonick |
Message for Bill Henry:

Hi Bill, my name is Lauren and I am writing in regard to your post -- I saw you mention your friend Walter Janton -- he is my step father -- I told him about the site and your post and he wanted to say hello. If you like you can email me and I can provide his contact information.

Walter (Dusty) told me he remembers you came to visit him for Thanksgiving one week back then! I'm sure it will be nice to touch base again!

Hope to hear from you soon!

6 October 2009 - MA

Kevin Redican |
Love the site! I was looking for some maps or photos of my stay in country. As a brief transient of Hill 37 in the early months of '71 I was curious to see the photo of the hill. As a corpsman with the 1st Bn I passed through there going out and coming back to and from the bush, such as it was around there. Memory is one thing, photos and maps quite another. I remember the battalion aid station's hooch and the bunker just out the door. That the ARVNs had a 105 just behind it, it seemed: SURPRISE! That and, oh, they had boxes by the gate so we could drop off all our grenades as we came in from the bush. All in all, I think I only spent 4 days there; although, strangely, it seems like home in some way.
26 September 2009 - Reno Nevada

Geri Adams |
I am looking for anyone who knew my father while in vietnam. He's recently passed and I would love to know more about him. His name was DAN EDWARD MALMSTROM. He was a Marine who served from Aug 67 to March 71. He was involved in operations Arlington Canyon, Idaho Canyon, & Georgia TAR. He was called APACHE by almost everyone he said. If any of you have any information or knew of him, please contact me at my email address geri4292adams@yahoo.com or by mail PO Box 212, Joshua, TX 76058.....Thank you all, Geri
21 September 2009 - Texas

Larry Fincher |
Hey guys,
I found Sgt. Shorkey and Joe Cardosi and now I'm looking for Rocky Bruner. I think he may be somewhere in Kentucky.
20 September 2009 - Advance, N.C.

Bruce M. Smith |
Just have to put out the word. To at least those of you that know me. I just had my first book published. It's available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble so far. it's called The Alien's Gift by Bruce M. Smith. PS cheaper at Barnes and NOble. If you get it thanks..if you like it tell your friends. If you don't..shhhhhhh!! thanks Semper Fi
17 September 2009 - Florida

michaela |
I am looking for anyone that served with my father doug mcclure during 1964 -1968. I have some pics with names Terry and Sam and maybe Boss from his time in Nam, and some pictures with peterson, wt, eaves, ray, and maybe a bager from his time at Camp Lejeune. does anyone know him?
8 September 2009

Mark Radabaugh |
My E-mail is applelucy@charter.net
I live in west central Minnesota
3 September 2009

Mark Radabaugh |
Does anyone remember anything, history wise, of the "Short Stick"? E-mail me with any info. 1971?
3 September 2009

John Benson |
Sgt Brewington.... Have you kept in contact with Joe Nix over the years? I am wondering how he might be and where he is these days. Any help appreciated.
23 August 2009 - Rodanthe, NC

Robert Brewington |
I knew Jerry Duran for a few years we served together in 2nd rad bn and he relievid me as oic 6th. ssct at 2nd maw. he was a good man
3 August 2009 - smithfield nc

Dennis Fouts |
It is with sadness that I inform you of the death of MSgt. J.J. Leist on June 22, 2009. I received a telephone call from his daughter-in-law that J.J. passed away from the effects of lung cancer. He served in 1stRadBn from 1963 until 1967.
2 August 2009 - St. Louis, MO

Ike Eisenhauer |
I knew Phil. It's been so long ago that I don't remember where we served together, but I do remember that Phil was a good man to serve along side.
1 August 2009 - Front Royal, Virginia

Karen Julias |
Hello, I am looking for anyone who may have known my dad Phillip J Julias. He was ranked USMC-MGySgt when he retired in Quantico, Virginia in 1990. If anyone knew him or knows someone who did please contact me at Blazergal3@hotmail.com
Thank You
25 July 2009 - Idaho

Webmaster comments   Karen,

Sorry to learn of your Dad's death. Unfortunately, I did not know him.

You may have better luck if you read through his "Service Record Book" and then Google units to which he as assigned.

Semper Fi,


David Nixon |
I saw Glen Staup's message (7/7/09) regarding Jerry Duran. He was an outstanding counter-intel officer with 2nd Maw in 1979-80. A very fine man, able to work with people at all levels. He had attained the rank of captain by that time. I am almost positive we have to be talking about the same Jerry Duran.
20 July 2009 - Columbus, Ohio

Glen Staup |
Great web site. I saw Tom Black's entry from 2/22/08 about Jerry Duran and it brought back some good memories. I was a Navy CTO2 assigned to the "Marine section" in the comms center at NSGD Rota Spain in 1972. SSgt Duran was the CWO of the section at the time. I had some real reservations about being assigned to a "Marine section", but ended up learning a great deal from SSgt Duran. He was without a doubt one of the best supervisors I worked for during my time in the Navy. I worked for him until he left to become a warrant officer I believe.
7 July 2009 - Michigan

Bruce M. Smith |
You know it could just be the 40 yrs. and not the 60 part. I just a responce to my last message from Rick. It was only then that I realized I gave the wrong name. Has anyone seen "Bobby Wilson ?" Bobby if your reading this I am sorry. You wouldn't even like Bobby Thompson.
6 July 2009 - West Palm Beach

Mike (Mad Dog) McDermott |
Just found this site. wondering if Ken Cohen is same one I called gunney. I was CT R brancher from Sept66 to Oct67. Have tons of slides of guys.thanks marines for the site.
2 July 2009 - Homer,NY

Webmaster comments   Mike, at which duty station did you know Ken Cohen? Perhaps I can find a match for you. - Rick

Bruce M. Smith |
Do any of you know Bobby Thompson? I served with him in Nam in 69/70.
22 June 2009

Ike Eisenhauer |
Larry, the last time I saw Bernie Shorkey was in Rota in 78 when he was my sponsor. Got me drunk the first night in Spain. Don't know where he went from there.
10 June 2009 - Front Royal, Virginia

Larry Fincher |
Do any of you guys have any info. on Sgt. Shorkey. I'm sure he saved my life once and I never took the time to really thank him. This was at K'Bay in '62 or '63.
27 May 2009 - Advance, N.C.

Jara M. Kirby |
Stumbled on this site while looking for information on my father. Sorry for the intrusion, but I just wanted to say thank you all so much for your service and sacrifice. God Bless.
25 May 2009 - San Angelo, Texas

Larry Fincher |
Would really like to contact Joe Cardosi or anyone else from Ist comp. in '62 &'63.
24 May 2009 - Advance, N.C.

Thomas J. Jackson |
I served in the original 1st Radio Co. at Camp Geiger from 1956 - 1959, then again in 1961-1962 when I was called up as a Reservist. Also Served in Kami Seya and on the USS Oxford on her maiden voyage.

There was a query about the original 1st Radio Patch.. There was one, a shield which was the outline of the 1st Marines at Camp Pendleton where 1st Rad was formed.
17 May 2009 - Ellenton, Florida

MGySgt JJ McDonough |
Great article Ted Dudley I, would like to add story in my book I am finishing up. RDO BN CryptAnal
8 May 2009 - Melbourne Fl

Marty Hauser |
First let me say,"WELCOME HOME"
I served with the 8/4th Arty 175SP unit on FSB C2 1970. I was just browsing through your pics and it was great to see some of the same places I had been but different years and some the same time I was there. Great pics have enjoyed the sight.
21 April 2009 - San Gabriel, Calif.

Ed Lynch |
here's another 1st Radio site........
6 April 2009

Webmaster comments   This site is run by George Salinas. We're in contact and he should register soon. Thanks, Ed.


Bill Henry |
Hi. I served with 7th com bn. and made friends with a couple of 1st rad guys while we were in Hoi An Early 1968 Jan to Feb.
I do remember the first name of the Cpl in charge. It was Ron. I believe Ron was also at An Hoa (sp) 5th Mar HQ where he also knew a good friend of mine Walter Janton also in 7th com . Any information would be appreciated. Thank You
5 March 2009 - Toronto , Ohio

Michael Donnelly |
More 1st Radio guys here.
17 February 2009 - Texas

Gary Williams |
Correction: the Marine who was in 1st Radio Bn., who painted my house recently is Joel Rogers.
16 February 2009 - Frisco, TX

Gary Williams |
I ran into a !st RdBner last week- Joel R. Roberts. He lives in Frisco, TX, and was an R brancher from 1982 to 1986. He is now a fireman and runs a house painting business on the side. I invited him to join.
6 February 2009 - Frisco, TX

Robert Card |
Just touching bases. Found this site today. Served at HQMC with then Major Grey in 64; 1st RadBn Hawaii; 4th SSCT, 1st MAW 1967/68
27 January 2009

Jim DeMers |
Does anyone know where to find Carl LeBlanc? He was a 2Nd Lt in Viet Nam Dong Ha 1967
23 January 2009

edward pinero |
Humped a PRC 10 with 3rd recon in viet nam in 63. We were the first combat team in country. Semper Fi
17 January 2009 - mississippi

Eldon Scott |
Served with Marines at Phu Bai, during 1966. CompanyL as Traffic Analyst. I knew Jack Sadler, Maj W A Scott, Lt Perry, Maj J C Hedrick. Anyone out there remember me?
16 January 2009 - Lucas Texas

Webmaster comments   Eldon,

Are you perhaps the "Weldon Scott" we have on our site who may have been in Lihue, Hawaii sometime in the past?

Semper Fi,


Joe Lape |
Enjoyed the site. Tried to register a couple of times, but the site won't accept the data. Any hints?
7 January 2009 - Rosemount, MN

Donald Cusack |
looking for info and address'(e-mail & home) for all who were with the 3rd Bat 9th Reg 3rd Mar div that landed at Dannang on 8 March 1965. We plan our next reunion in California from June 21to June 27 2009
29 December 2008 - West Haven, CT

Tom Black |
Has anyone run into Jerry Duran? He was a Sgt in Co K in 66-67. He is a native American and his wife, Sylvia was from Bolivia. They are the godparents of My son. We lost track of them in the mid 70's. Saw them last at Camp Lejune. He was promoted to WO or Lt, I can't rember which.
22 December 2008

Ike Eisenhauer | |
I have been trying to email Bob Straight but his address is not current in his profile. Does anyone know of a new email for him?
7 December 2008 - Front Royal

Steve Ogden |
Hello Marines! I'm look for Lt. Robert Brewington from 2nd Radio Bn or the SSCT at Cherry Point.
1 December 2008 - Dublin, Ohio

Jim O'Donnell |
I have been searching for GySgt. Willie G. Wynn. I was stationed with him in Rota, Spain in 1974. Company "F" Marine Support Batl.
27 November 2008

Webmaster comments   Jim,

Thanks for stopping by. I don't see you or Willie anywhere in our records. Please register when able.

If anyone else knows Willie, please let him know about Jim and this site.

Semper Fi,


Bill Kirby |
Happy Thanksgiving and a hello back to Fran Jefferies....that was Doug Gallant...He, steve Lambert and I got sent down to Sub Unit 1, 1st RadBn around Mar/Apr of 68. Lot's of water under the bridge since Star Bunker 26.
24 November 2008 - Rockwall, TX

Mike Straw |
Hi brothers and sisters,

Iím going up to Wm. S. Middleton Memorial VA Hospital in Madison, WI on Tuesday.

Iím leaving to have a lung transplant. Theyíre getting me up there to finalize the prep work and I should have it very soon.

I got Pulmonary Fibrosis (due to what I and others believe was caused by Agent Orange) and itís destroyed my lungs.

Iíve got diabetes, coronary artery disease and kidney problems also due to the big ĎA.O.í. My diabetes and coronary artery disease the VA says is service connected and Iím at 70%. They wonít move me to 75-100 percent as they say my lung problems are ďIdiopathicĒ, could be as well as could not be caused by Agent Orange, yet the disease is chemically induced. 3 years ago my lungs were clear. I did smoke but quit over 10 years ago, so go figure.

Iím not looking for sympathy, just telling it like a jarhead does ďas it is!Ē.

Semper Fi

Mike Straw

SGT Ė RVN 69-70
14 November 2008

Tom Cunnally |
Happy Birthday USMC You Don't Look A Day Over 233 Year Old 10 November 1775 -2008.
10 November 2008 - Mountain View California

George |
Was told about your website from a post on politics and Markets (TC). I spent 8 years in our beloved Corps. Now I am active duty in the National Guard about to retire. The Corps is and will always be my first love. Semper Fi Brothers
8 November 2008 - 1-3rd FSSG, 3rd MARDIV and Quantico

Ben Postma |
Hello all,

My name is Ben and I am the son of Marty Postma. I am currently in the USMC ROTC at NC State.
I decided to visit this site because of father's reflections from when he was in 1st RAD BN. I have to say that some of y'alls stories made me laugh.
Maybe I'll find my way into Cryptologic comms after I commission.
Anyway, thank you all for your service. God Bless.
3 November 2008 - Raleigh, NC

Donald R. Brown |
Sad news about a former SIGINT Marine. Sgt William A. "Bill" Titus, age 64, passed away in Omaha, NE. He served six years and was a Vietnam veteran who earned the Bronze Star with combat "V" while serving with 1st Radio Bn at Dong Ha Combat Base. He was in my DF section and worked at some of the isolated sites. He death was reported in this month's Leatherneck. He was an oustanding Marine and friend.
28 September 2008 - San Antonio, TX

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