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Francis Jeffries |
Just saying hello to anyone who served 9/67 - 6/68 - in Phu Bai, VN with Co L / Det A. I was a Vietling (CTI2). To all I remember a big hello - Steve Lambert, Jim Reed, Bob Davignon, Joe Hussey, Mitch Ringer, Pat Taylor, GySgt Manning, GySgt Brummett, Bill Kirby, ?Gallant, and many more. If Louie 'the GAF' Fields is still aground (or if anyone knows of him) give me a mail back please.
23 September 2008

charles |
is there a patch for the old 1stComRadCo and where can I get one. served with them 62/63
7 September 2008 - bardstown, ky.

Dr Stephen R. Reed,Ph.D. |
Trying to locate Marines from Platoon 302, Parris Island, 3d Bn, Dec-60, Mar-61
5 September 2008 - United States

Dave Sowers |
Went thru Pensacola Dec '64-June65. Co D Okinawa 65-66 then Det A SU1 Hill 327 Aug 66-Feb 67. Returned to Co D for a month then off to HI and CA for Operation Alligator Hyde. Out in June 67. Looking for anyone who I may have served with during that time.
Semper Fi
26 August 2008 - Vinton, VA and Charleston, SC

John Benson |
Just sitting here wondering if any of my old friends from 63-67 are reading this guest book.
24 August 2008 - Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Webmaster comments   John, if you are the John Benson who is in our system and used to live in Rodanthe, NC, please update your email address and other info so your buddies from 63-67 can find you. You can write me at 1stradiobn@swanassoc.com if you want assistance getting in.

After you login, click Search, scroll down, type 1966 into the Chu Lai box, click Search and you'll find 9 of your buddies.

Semper Fi,


Loyde P. SNAKE Arender USMC Bravo 1/26 and Kilo 3/26 Vietnam | |
For the past 20 years or so, we have been trying to REUNITE and/or REMEMBER former 26th Marine Regiment personnel who served in 'Nam between 1966 to 1970. Please, visit our 26th Marines' website at: http://www.tpbe.net/26thMR/

19 August 2008 - Monroe, Louisiana

Dick Grimes |
Does anyone know where I can get a 1st Rad Bat Sigint Patch?
6 August 2008 - Woodsville, NH

24 July 2008 - CORINTH, MS

MGySgt JJ MCdONOUGH usmc rET |
dEAR WEBMASTER i FOLLOWED ALL INSTR i CAN NOT GET IN TOUCH WITH bARNNEY PROSSER FOR UNKNOWN REASON He wrote a bronze star Gen Gray took it home and that was it. jjmcd
21 July 2008 - mELBOURNE fL

MGySgt McDonough |
Writing a book 200 pages completed need infor the USS Liberty or there own story that someone can write about resp JJMCD
21 July 2008 - Melbourne Fl

Michael Donnelly, |
I served with1st Radio 12/69 to 12/70. Because of my weird MOS I mostly spent my time delivering gear to the various outpost. I have pics and will scan and submit. When I wasn't doing that, I was serving with Provisional Rifles. Since Nam, I went to the Darkside. I served in Irag in 2006 where I was attached to 1st MEF EOD at TQ. I was glad to find this site as I was always a step child in the units I was attached to.
21 July 2008 - The Woodlands, TX

Webmaster comments   Michael,

All step-children welcome (and we are ALL step-children of some cause.) We look forward to your photos. -Rick

MGySgt John J McDonough USMC Ret |
I too am looking for 1stSgt Janol. Anyone know where he is? Also looking for Major Barney Prosser. Can anyone find them for me? JJMCD
15 July 2008 - Melbourne Fl 32940

Webmaster comments   I spoke with Barney this evening. He is well in Claflin, Kansas. Address and phone are correct in his profile. He has no Internet access.

Paul Pamrow |
Forgot to mention that I was a member of 1stRadBn from 1988-1991 to include our deployment ISO Desert Shield/Storm (SST - collection) and 3rdRadBn from 2002-2006 to include three OIF tours (OCAC senior reporter, senior analyst and watch chief). My combined 7+ years in Hawaii were my best.
26 June 2008 - MARDET Ft Huachuca, AZ

Paul Pamrow |
Just discovered this site while doing some Marine sigint research. I'm currently a gunny and the ops chief at MARDET Ft Huachuca, AZ. Semper Fi.
26 June 2008 - MARDET Ft Huachuca, AZ

24 June 2008

Sgt William E Trimmer(3041) |
I just discovered this web site,i served in H & S Co !st rad Bn from nov 69 to dec 1970most time spent in danang but travelled around a lot to the various sites , 1 name in the guest book sounds familar to me - a Sgt Steve Bates!! Remember me!!
14 June 2008

Webmaster comments   Bill,

You are one of us!

Register so your band of brothers can find you.

Semper Fi,


Chuck Truitt | |
You may be thinking of George Eckman as the officer who was wounded there.
4 June 2008 - Herrieden, Germany

april 13,69 vandergrift cb north end of runway waiting to go out to lz weisman, flip flop, three marines two enlisted one officer took incoming, officer wounded in leg we went out next day instead, george c remindes me of officer ??
30 May 2008

John Benson |
just wanted to update my email address. It is jbenson23atEmbarqmaildotcom.
28 May 2008 - Rodanthe, NC

Chuck Truitt | |
Well, we made it! 40 years ago today, Linda and I were married. It's been great, and I think we'll go for another 40!
23 May 2008 - Herrieden, Germany

ed lynch |
The last time I was there, someone from the museum came out and escorted my wife and I in. It was no big deal, and that was post-911.
12 May 2008

Bruce H. Gilbert |
Spent some the best years in the Corp with 1st Com. Radio in K-bay jul 59- jul 62 Capt/General. Gray
5 May 2008

Tom Black |
I need help in getting on to Corry Field/Station. I will be in the Pensacola area for a few days, May 31 to June 2. I would like to be able to get on base to see what it is like now and to see the memorial plaque. Last time I was there was in 1967. Is Co. K still an active unit on Base?


Tom Black
Anybody know how to get permission or who to contact.
28 April 2008

Webmaster comments   Tom, I got this information from a Navy Web site - http://www.militarynewcomers.com/PENSACOLA06/Resources/corrystationcommands.html

Marine Corps Detachment -
Corry Station supports Marine students and permanent staff assigned to the Center for Information Dominance's basic, intermediate and advanced cryptologic and electronic warfare training courses.

The detachment has a permanent staff of three officers and 19 enlisted personnel to support over 300 Marine officer and enlisted students annually. The detachment's instructor cadre is integrated into eight interservice and naval courses aboard Center for Information Dominance Corry Station.

Formerly Company K Marine Support Battalion, the detachment was established July 1, 2000, and falls under operational control of Training Command, Quantico, Va., with administrative support from Marine Aviation Support Group - 21, NAS Pensacola. The detachment's headquarters is located in building 502, room 208, telephone 850-452-6581/6582, FAX 850-452-6344 (DSN 922).

The 24-hour duty office is located on the first deck of the detachment's barracks, building 3710, telephone 850-452-6431.

Hope this helps.

McKeral J J |
Decorated combat Marine RVN 1SSCT/SIO for Khe Sahn as well as the battle of Dong Ha.

Edward James Behan, 64, of Richlands,NC died March 8, 2007, at Pitt Memorial Hospital, Greenville.

Gunnery Sgt. Behan was retired from the U.S. Marine Corps and was a Vietnam veteran. He was a longtime secretary of Branch 3984 of the National Association of Letters Carriers. Ed was a kind and gentle man with a love for all of God's creatures.

He is survived by his wife, Beatrice Behan of Richlands.

Memorials contributions (which would be appreciated) may be made to Carolina Animal Protection Society, 213 Maplehurst Drive, Jacksonville, NC 28540.
25 April 2008

Gene Roberts | |

I just noticed that you welcomed Lawrence Oswald. I wonder if he is aka: COOLIE? If he is well ...... someone earlier wanted more 1st Radio stories! I seem to remember a Sgt COOLIE and another SGT in transit from Phu Bai who got lost at 1st Radio for a month and then low and belold were told that since they had less than 90 days to do; that well they were being given an early OUT! You guys missed out on 2nd Radio! - Clyde
13 April 2008 - Da Nang 1971

MGySgt John J McDonough |
Trying to get Barnney Prossers address
13 April 2008 - Melbourne Fl

Jim Phillips |
I'm trying to determine if GySgt Myron Lagomarsino on this site is the Gy Sgt who was at Kamiseya as a section leader in 1969-70. I was a CTI2 there at that time.
9 April 2008 - Layton, UT

Donald Cusack |
Looking for info and address'(e-mail & home) for all who were with the 3rd Bat 9th Reg 3rd Mar div that landed at Danang on 8 March 1965. We plan our next reunion in California 21 Jun to 27 Jun 2009.
22 March 2008

Chuck Truitt | |
This question was posed on another site, and of course I have the answer.

When a Dog walks up and sniffs another Dog , and it turns out to be another boy Dog ,,,does the sniffer back up and say " Hey ,,what about them Braves "....

It's my opinion that the dog doing the sniffing is doing what I like to call a "Validation Sniff."

Let me explain. A Validation Sniff is just simply a sniff by dog A to validate that dog B is the same dog who has been wizzing on the tree next door, or the fire hydrant on the corner, etc.

You must understand that most wizzing takes place on the area objects when the dog A is in the house, chained up, or fenced in the back yard, or some other place where he's unable to observe what's happening outside. For instance, dog B, or C, or D, or some other dog has beens marking the territory that rightfully belongs to dog A.. So for days on end, perhaps, dog A hasn't actually seen the culprit that keeps marking his rightful territory. When dog A finally gets a chance to see another dog, well, it's understandable that he wants to check out who's been infringing on his territory.

And, that's why I call it a validation sniff. Got It?

I've got a lot more on dog's sniffing.

I bet you never considered the fact that Dog's have a natural IFF. But, later.

-Chuck Truitt sends
15 March 2008 - Bavaria

Chuck Truitt |
What ever happened to all the good stories of 1st RadBn times in RVN? We had guys putting stuff on here all the time. Let's bring it back guys!
26 February 2008 - Bavaria, Germany

Chuck Truitt |
I was just thinking - remembered an incident from when in Dong Ha (about December '69) on a resupply run from Dong Ha Mountain, as a Sgt, I was assigned to guard part of the compound's perimeter for a four hour watch. I had mixed emotions about going back to RagBag's platoon at Dong Ha for resupply runs. I loved the opportunity to get a nice shower, and clean clothes, as well as get hot food at the chow hall, but everytime any of us made it back it was always that we'd get put on a watch that night.

Anyhow, on this particular resupply run I was between the 3 strand concertina and the officers head. At about 0'dark 30 when one of the officers went into the head. I gave him about a minute then went immediately behind the head, and with two pop-up parachute flares - one in each hand - I struck both at the same time on the ground. The loud pop and whoosh of the rocket, then the pop, and sizzle of the flare drowned out any comments and commotion in the head. I'm sure he made a quick evacuation of his bowels though.

Oh well, one's gotta do, what one's gotta do.
26 February 2008 - Bavaria, Germany

Dick Grimes |
Great to find this site. Member 1st Rad Bat from 64 - 67. Served in Nam May - Oct 65 . What a great bunch of guys. I hope I can hook up with some of the guys again through this site.
20 February 2008 - Now living in beverly hills, FL and in Haverhill, NH in the

ed lynch |
Some of you linguists may be interested in these newsletters from the DLI Alumni site.
1 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterI(Jan04).htm
2 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterII(Apr04).htm (German)
3 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterIII(Jul04).htm (Spanish)
4 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterIV(Oct04).htm (Vietnamese)
5 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterV(Jan05).htm (Russian)
6 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterVI(Apr05).htm
7 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterVII(Jul05).htm (DLPT V)
8 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterVIII(Oct2005).htm
9 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterIX(Jan2006).htm (Russian)(Berlin Wall)
10 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterX(Apr2006).htm (Team Teaching)
11 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterXI(Jul2006).htm (Arabic Bridge)
12 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterXII(Oct2006).htm (Arabic Technology)
13 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterXIII-Jan2007.htm (Alfie Khalil)
14 - www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterXIV-Apr2007.htm (Who is an Arab?)
15 - http://www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterXV-July2007.htm (FLPP)
16 - http://www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterXVI-Oct2007.htm (Hall of Fame 2007)
16 - http://www.dli-alumni.org/Newsletters/NewsletterXVII-Jan2008.htm
President, (www.dli-alumni.org)
DLI Alumni Association
P.O. Box 5653
Presidio of Monterey, CA 93944
21 January 2008

Bob DeStafney |

I accidentally found your web site today, while searching for information re: Marine Corps history during my father's time in the Corps. My late father, MGySgt James J. "Gus" DeStafney, was a career SIGINT Marine. His last assignment was with Company K, Marine Support Battalion, Pensacola Florida. Along the way, he was also stationed at Camp Lejeune, Morocco, Okinawa (Torii Station), Key West, and the ROK.

I have been touched by your community myself, having been the 1st Radio Battalion S-4 (logistics) during the early 1980s. A great tour for me, and I learned a great deal of SIGINT/EW fundamentals. Most importantly, I met great Marines who I still call friends. What a wonderful and tight-knit group of Marines.

Pensacola is still home for me and I look forward to seeing your memorial at Corry Station when I visit later this month.

Warmest regards to you all! Semper Fidelis!

Colonel Bob DeStafney, US Marines
Chief of Staff, Operations (G-3)
2D Marine Logistics Group
Camp Lejeune, NC 28542
3 January 2008

Webmaster comments   Colonel,

Thanks for leaving your note. You are, of course, qualified to list yourself and your father on this site so that other SIGINT Marines might find you. Just go to the registration page and you can make that happen. I would then go to your father's profile and change status to RIP.

Semper Fi,


Ed Gartland |
Anyone who was at 8th RRU (Phu Bai) during late '65-early '66 might be eligible for the Army Meritorious Unit Commendation.

It seems to depend on how your orders were written. I was sent TAD from Co C/NavCommStaPhil to to 8th RRU. Not being an expert on admin BS, I checked in with Co L, you know, Marines with Marines. Archie Pollimiller, Co L 1stSgt, went crazy and explained loudly and longly his opinion of the @%&!$$# squiddie admin pukes who screwed up my orders, but got them endorsed by 8th RRU.

I billeted with Co L and they gave me a posit to work on, but copies of everything I got went to 8th RRU.

Years later, now a civilian and settled in New Hampshire, one of my neighbors was a retired ASA type who was instructing at Ft Devens. We refought the war over many beers. When he heard the dates I was at 8th RRU, he asked if I had ever received the MUC. I dug out my orders (never throw away any piece of paper with your name on it), he gave them to admin at Devens and several months later I was awarded the MUC.

I don't recall if there were any RadBn bodies at Phu Bai at the time. Might have been all Co L or Det 1/San Miguel.
2 January 2008

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Ed. Anyone interested should first review their Service Record Book to see if they were assigned to 8th RRU at time of the award period,

Charles Vidsens |
There are some familiar names in here but none of the pictures match up. Damn! Runnells, Brewington and all the rest of you people. How come you look so old? You all should stop drinking that cheap whiskey. That stuff will age you fast.

As for me, well I stayed young after I retired from the Corps. I got a job as a test pilot at Playboy magazine. It didn't pay all that much but the fringe benefits were great. Nowadays I just take it easy and reflect on how things were in the old days.
2 January 2008

Webmaster comments   Chuck, I think we all survive these days by avoiding mirrors. ;-)

Walter Tuttle |
I will be in the hospital starting Dec 4 and will be there at least 1 week. I have cancer. I will be off work for the months of Dec 2007 and Jan 2008. My home email is WT060946@MSN.COM.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Semper Fi
Walter Tutttle
4172 Antelope Ct Apt 103
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
29 November 2007 - Mechanicsburg, PA

Webmaster comments   Our prayers are with you Walt.

Steve Huddleston |
Just discovered this site--served 1st Radio, RVN 69-70. Hills 327, 55, 10, 37 and An Hoa.Have discovered some familiar names--anynoe remember me- would love to contact great Marines or FORMER MARINES. Recently attend Birthday Ball in K.C. Mo. great time Love the Corps.Semper Fi.
10 November 2007 - Imboden, Arkansas

Steve Huddleston |
Just found website..recognized familiar names such as Bill Audette, George Lanvermeier, Larry Duke (Kia), and Joe Gagliano..anyone serving with first radio battalion summer 69-summer70 please contact me..thanks
10 November 2007 - Arkansas

John J. Cihak |
Looking for anyone at Danang from 1968 to 1969. Visited almost all platoons from Chu Lai to Vandegrift. Especially looking for Sgt Lucas and LCpl Badgley. We were all in Sub Unit 1 and later 1st Rad Bn.
9 November 2007 - Baltimore, MD

Frank Cox |
I happened to stumble upon this site. Brought back alot of memories. If I can find my NAM pictures, I will post them.
7 November 2007

Dan Chapman |
Otto were you at Pensacola in 1965?
Remember Bob Tremblay or Jim Hannon, Dave Babyak
9 October 2007 - Retired

Dick Field |
Hello, Marines. I was with the Army 408th Radio Research Det (ASA) and worked as a traffic analyst for a couple of your gunnies in 1st Platoon, Sub Unit 1, when I first arrived at Chu Lai in Sep 1967. We worked in the windowless "black bubble" module, which resembled a submarine on the inside. Talk about tight quarters! Cut my teeth on the VN mission there - Flash messages and all. One of the gunnies ripped me a new one for having the audacity to forcefully present my views on something - but affirmatively made amends to the nug the next day. I remember seeing a telex on the USS Pueblo over the door - admonishing us to "neither confirm nor deny". You were gracious enough to loan us one of your hootches, but we were later booted out into good old Army field tents (ours was dubbed "Ye Olde Canvasse and Pole") - just in time for monsoon season.

I've got a couple pictures that might be of interest if anyone wants to contact me.

My best to you all!

-- Dick
23 September 2007

Webmaster comments   Dick,

Thanks for your note. Having worked with us, even briefly, entitles you to membership on this site. Go for it, bro'!

Send me the pictures and I will post them for all to see.

Semper Fi,


Chuck Truitt 1st RadBn 69-70 | |
Greetings folks - Chuck Truitt here.

I just want you all to know that as of this morning early, the 1st of July, 2007 I am now working on my second million. You knoe that the first million is the most difficult

Late yesterday afternoon, I gave up on the first million, - skip the difficult part - I'll go back to that one later!
2 July 2007 - Ansbach, Germany

Kyle Duke |
I recently found the site. My uncle was Larry W Duke who is included in the tributes section of this webpage. I was glad to be able to read the tribute for him and to see some of the pictures of vietnam from that time peroid.
4 June 2007 - Nashville, TN

jenny |
Just found this site. You are all my heroes x
30 May 2007

MGySgt John J McDonough |
TRrying to contact Gen Grey and Maj Prosser no answer from letters I send are they okay?
21 May 2007 - Braintree Mass 02184

MGySgt McDonough JJ |
I served a-1-7 Korea 1950. with lt bill davis who became 1'7 Co vietnam that I keep in tough with Col I was Bn wire ch, RdoBn member
9 May 2007 - Braintree Mass

Chuck Truitt | |
In light of the below post, do you think I rate this NUC do the fact that I was in An Hoa at that time and 1st Radio Bn was supporting 1/5 directly?


The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in presenting the NAVY UNIT COMMENDATION to


for service as set forth in the following:


For exceptionally meritorious service during operations against enemy forces in the Republic of Vietnam from 3 March 1970 to 24 March 1971. Throughout this period, the First Battalion, Fifth Marines was eminently successful in carrying out combat operations, defeating the enemy in every engagement. With the Battalion utilizing the powerful Marine Air/Ground Team to its maximum throughout the First Marine Divison's Tactical Area of Responsibility, the enemy was denied movement routes and harbor sites, and was engaged wherever found. On one occaison, the First Battalion, Fifty Marines launched an aggressive attack in a sector of the Que Son Mountains harboring the Quang Da Special Zone, the district headquarters of all Viet Cong units operation within Quang Nam Province. The enemy fled, leaving behind his entires files and records and a rice cache of 55,000 pounds. By their aggressive fighting spirit and countless acts of heroism, the officers and men of the First Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment dealt a serious blow to the entire enemy effort throughout this period, therby reflecting great credit upon themselves, the Marine Corps, and the United States Naval Service.


Secretary of the Navy

[All personnel attached to the FIRST BATTALION, 5TH MARINE REGIMENT during the specified time period are hereby authorized to wear the NAVY UNIT COMMENDATION Ribbon.]
6 May 2007 - Ansbach, Germany

raul ries |
I served with A1/7 from 1966-1967 looking for firends i served with during this time, chick, kam, silva, rodriguez , murphy, etc.
5 May 2007

Jim Sells |
Can't register; keeps saying only numbers and letters. HELP!
24 March 2007 - Chattanooga Tennessee

Webmaster comments   Hi, Jim,

I assume you are going to this registration page - http://www.swanassoc.com/1stradiobn/pmnew/register.html.

Try it again, and use only numbers and letters in your login name, something like "jsells46" or whatever. No spaces or $%^&*()_-, etc.

If you still have a problem, write to me directly - rswan@swanasssoc.com - with a login name of your choice that nobody else already has and I will make it happen.

Semper Fi,


Jim Sells |
Hey, Rick, re-post that or e-mail me the url as text, not hyperlink. It didn't show up here or my e-mail. "Preciate ya.
24 March 2007 - Chattanooga Tennessee

Jim Sells |
Hello to all. I was a 2673 stationed at 1st RadBn, KMCAS from 90 to 92. Anyone from that era/unit who wishes to contact me, please send an e-mail to the address shown.

To all here, semper fi.
24 March 2007 - Chattanooga Tennessee

Webmaster comments   Hi, Jim,

In my experience, guestbook entries will scroll off the bottom. Registering yourself on this site (follow login link) creates a limited public profile and a more extensive private profile for members only where other members can also search by location and year. Try it.

Semper Fi,


Al Sandusky |
Looking for a Marine named Wood who was a Staff Sgt. and an instructor at Navy CT school in the 1965-66 range. I believe he was from the Seattle WA area and wanted to go back there after he did his 20 and get into law enforcement. I had him for an instructor and would like to get in touch if possible. Not to be confused with a Gunny Wood who was in Pensacola at the same time
18 March 2007 - Pittsburgh, PA

John J McDonough MGySgt Ret |
How about awards for the det j landing in chulai with 1/4
13 March 2007 - Braintree mass

John Benson |
I just received a list of medals to which I am entitled after asking VA to update those listed on my dd 214. The new list included a Presidential Unit Citation and a Navy Unit Citation. Anyone know what they are for. I was with 1st Radio from early 1964 to late 1966. Was with Det A in phu bai in 1964 and again in 1965, then det j in 1965-1966. Any help would be appreciated. john
20 February 2007

Webmaster comments   John,

See Dan Sim's Award Summary page which lists 8 Presedential Unit Citations earned by various detachments or teams related to 1st Radio Bn plus many, many Navy Unit Citations. Compare them with details on your DD 214 to find which are yours.


Tony Mastriani |
RVN 4-68~12-69 I was with 5th Comm in Danang. The second half of '68 I was TADd to 3rd Div comm in Dong Ha. In June of '68, I went to LZ Stud with a crew to set-up a TRC-97 shot. The shot was originally on a wooded rise East of the North end of the air strip.
Several months later, there was a cyclone which flooded the site and the shot was moved to the West side of Rt. 9. I found a number of nice LZ Stud photos in the site. Thank you.
Are there any more out there?
15 January 2007 - Columbus, Ohio

Joe Langheim |
I am searching for anyone who served with Mike Johnson 67-68 1st Radio Bn. Viet Nam. Mike and I grew up and enlisted in Feb 66. Any info would be appreciated. Semper Fi, Joe
4 January 2007

Bill Wamsley |
USMC from 64-70. Served with 1st Radio in Hawaii (66) and at 3rdMAF (69-70). Also was with Co L in Phu Bai from Jan 67- Sep 68. Enjoyed all the pictures and comments on your site. Brought back a lot of memories. Never worked with better people. Thanks for all your efforts...Bill
13 December 2006 - Waldorf, Maryland

Chuck Truitt | |
Part 2

The gunfight last week showed the power of the intelligence information in action.

Tapping into a database created by Lance Cpl. Joshua Clayton, a 22-year-old computer programmer from Grand Rapids, the Hobbits were able to locate and describe the buildings the insurgents were using.

Working in the operations center beside Whisnant and his team, the Hobbits helped link their buddies in the firefight with other Marine leaders at other bases along the command chain and up to the pilot ready to strike from above.

Whisnant said the Hobbits' database also has led to the arrest and capture of dozens of other "bad guys."

"We're able to know who belongs here and who doesn't," he said.

A different kind of fighting

The Hobbits were drawn from the usual complement of riflemen in the Grand Rapids-based company that is part of the 1/24th on its deployment to Iraq.

They enlisted to be go-get-em gun-carrying grunts, but their test scores and personalities fit with plans to move military thinking toward analysis of the complex environment of anti-insurgent warfare.

It was during the battalion's five months of training in the Mojave Desert that the men were singled out and publicly proclaimed the Hobbits.

The name doesn't bother the guys.

"I like the name," said Lance Cpl. Matthew Robinson, 21, of Grand Rapids. "I like being a Hobbit. It doesn't bother me being short. In fact I like it."

Sgt. Jeremiah Howe, 29, of Redford Township -- who works for the Transportation Security Administration at Metro Airport -- said the Hobbits aren't mouse pad warriors: They regularly go out on multiday combat operations.

It's all part of the mission, said Robinson. When he enlisted, it was with thoughts of guns-up action, not computer warfare.

"I had no idea," he said. "I thought I'd just come over and go against the bad guys. I still do -- in a different way."


Contact JOE SWICKARD at jswickard@freepress.com


Respectfully, Chuck Truitt sends
12 December 2006 - Still Mannheim

Chuck Truitt | |
In Iraq, their weapon is data - Marines fight with what they know - Part 1

December 10, 2006


FALLUJAH, Iraq -- Inside a stronghold that commands a stretch of land between the river and the desert, the Hobbits work wonders in a windowless chamber.

As a battle raged miles away last week, the Hobbits knew the arena intimately, down to the concrete building from which the enemy threw gunfire at their fellow Marines. It was the Hobbits' collected data that allowed a circling jet to launch a bomb at the structure, imploding the building and killing the gunmen inside.

In the ongoing fight against insurgents in Iraq's Anbar province, the Hobbits -- six Marines with computers and self-designed databases who compile information about the enemy, its strength and its position -- have a clear mission as part of the Michigan-based 1st Battalion of the 24th Marine Regiment.

"We want to know their backyards and houses better than they do," said Lance Cpl. Curtis Mejeur, 21, of Grand Rapids.

Mejeur is a Grand Valley State University student back home in Michigan. In Iraq, he is a member of the 1/24th's Alpha Company, and a Hobbit -- one of four certified-smart and computer-wily lance corporals led by a corporal and a sergeant who, together, provide some of the magic necessary for modern combat.

"Use of intelligence is at the heart of this generation of warfare," said the 1/24th's commanding officer, Maj. Daniel Whisnant of Kalamazoo, himself a former intelligence officer. "The Hobbits are key to that."

The six are small and slight Marines -- most are shorter than 5-feet-7 and the tallest towers at maybe 5-9 -- in a corps world of Buick-sized beef and brawn.

But with their skills and smarts, they take tactical intelligence and put it to effective use killing and capturing insurgents who have turned the area around Fallujah into one of the most dangerous sectors in Iraq.

Whenever information is gathered, Whisnant's directive is clear: "Get that to the Hobbits."

Through regular patrols, census-taking and other methods, Alpha Company -- which operates across the Euphrates River from Fallujah -- provides information to allow the Hobbits to assemble and analyze a detailed portrait of the people, the terrain and the buildings.

Unlike the intense urban environment of Fallujah, Alpha's region covers riverside estates and farms, scattered neighborhoods and open desert, where the occasional village or settlement can be found.
12 December 2006 - Mannheim, Germany

Jim Sanders |
I came to know Hubert well through our professional relationship. He stayed in touch. I will miss him.
30 November 2006 - Ashton, Maryland, USA

Sam Potter, wife of Hubert Potter |
Dear family and friends --

On behalf of the family, we thank you for your many prayers, words of encouragement, cards, condolences, and the overwhelming support you've given the family over the past couple of weeks since Hubert's passing. The following arrangements have been made for Hubert's memorial services.

Church Memorial Service
Friday, December 8, 2006 - 11:00 a.m.
Interdenominational Church of God
19201 Woodfield Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Monday, December 11, 2006 - 11:00 a.m.
Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, VA

We welcome your expressions of remembrance at this guestbook.

The Potter Family
19 November 2006

Ed Lynch |
Am forwarding this on in the event you knew Doug Anderson.

Semper Fidelis

Bob Steinheimer



I just recieved word from Billy White that Douglas Anderson passed away on the 14th of November in Las Vegas, NV. Billy saw the obit in the Maryland Gazette. Doug still has family living in Maryland. His funeral will be at Arlington around the 1st of December. I will pass the exact date along as soon as I get it.

Semper Fidlelis,

18 November 2006

Chuck Truitt | |
FYI, I just received this email from Rob Learnard.

"Mr. Truitt,
My name is Rob Learnard and I am writing you to let you know that my father - Perry Learnard passed away on November 5th. Thanks very much for your notes."

RIP Perry Learnard. He was my C.O. when I was at Company "H" Homestead back in 1968/69.

Respectfully, Chuck Truitt sends
18 November 2006 - Mannheim, Germany

Barney Higgins |
I am deeply saddened by the news of Hubert Potter's passing.May the Lord give all of us the strength to endure
16 November 2006

William L. Peck Jr |
I saw service around some of your sites when part of 3rd Plt, Bravo Co, 1/4, 1967 to 1968: Camp Campbell(175's) Around Rock Crusher, Quang Tri, C-2, Con Thien, Camp Evans, Camp Carrol, LZ Stud.

Semper Fi

13 November 2006 - Jacksonville, NC

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Bill. Welcome Home, Marine.

Semper Fi!

Wayne Whitehead |
A sad note on this special day...Garry Catura passed away Nov. 9.

Letters of condolence and expressions of sympathy may be sent to Garry's wife:

Joan Catura
21425 SW 98 Court
Miami, Fl 33189-3721

The address for the funeral and services is:

Caballero & Woodlawn Funeral Home
11655 SW 117th Avenue
Miami Fl 33186

Rest in Peace, Garry.
10 November 2006

Chuck Truitt | |

Chuck Truitt here with an email that was just sent to me from Joan Catura., concerning MGySgt Garry Catura


Sorry to say Garry passed away on Wednesday evening he had many health problems including heart and he received Kidney Dialysis it was too much for him. He was taken into Hospital a week ago today and went down hill very fast. I really do not know how to work this site but I would like it posted so if any one else knew him it will let them know. Garry was only 68yrs old and had not got around to putting all his info in.

Thank you
11 November 2006 - Mannheim, Germany

Chuck Truitt | |
Rest In Peace Hubert, my brother. May God Bless your wife and family and may His grace be upon them in this difficult time.

Respectfully, Chuck Truitt sends
31 October 2006 - Mannheim Germany

W. T. Davis |
I would like to locate SSgt Bob Wagner who served in Sub Unit One in 1967.
31 October 2006 - Pamona, CA

Sam Potter, wife of Hubert Potter |
Dear family and friends,

It is with a heavy heart I inform you that my husband, Hubert E. Potter, Jr., passed away. Some of you have known Hubert since childhood through to most of his adult life. Others came to know him through his career in the United States Marine Corp, through family, by acquaintance, or his work around the world. However you came to know him, undoubtedly, you knew that Hubert was a tremendous man.


Hubert spent the past eight years living in Arizona due to his health. Early last week, he succumbed to his illness and died peacefully in his sleep. We will miss him dearly.

The family thanks you all for your expressions of sympathy, words of encouragement, and many prayers. We will post a Memorial Page, in honor of Hubert, on the internet shortly and will notify you when it is done so you can write in your expressions of remembrance.

Hubert will be memorialized at Arlington National Cemetery once arrangements are confirmed. We will notify you of a time and date.

In lieu of flowers, condolences may be made to the family in Maryland.

The address is:
Shereese (Sam) Potter
513 Sugarbush Circle
Frederick, MD 21703

Phone: 301-695-1297

On behalf of the entire Potter family,

Semper Fi

30 October 2006

Webmaster comments   Hubert provided a lot of messages to this Marine for passing on to our Band of Brothers. Rest in Peace, Hubert.

Donald R. Brown |
Rick: You made mention on our site about Captain Sepulveda. He was CO of Co K., when I left there in July 1967 to go to Dong Ha. Here is his address... [Address removed for privacy]
9 October 2006 - Sierra Vista, AZ

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Don. We have had Benny's address for a while, available for all members to download. I generally don't publish contact info except a modified email address on the Roll Call page. Happy always to receive contact info via email

Donald R. Brown |
Wow Chuck, I signed up 47 years ago, and still kicking/ticking, or whatever. But it is wonderful to see so many hanging tough.
Semper Fi,
Don B.
10 September 2006 - Arizona

Chuck Truitt | |
Yepper, it's been thirty-nine years today, the 25th of August, since I signed my name on the dotted line for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. Wow, they never told me that life would go by so fast. Holy Mackeral, Andy! Seems like just a little while ago, errr, well it sure doesn't seem like that long ago. I remember it like it was, well not THAT long ago. Wow, that was 37 countries, and 46 states ago and a couple other things too. I need to have a talk with that stranger I see looking back at me in the mirror.


25 August 2006 - Mannheim, Germany

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