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Michael J.Pronobis | |
I was with the Bn. in Kaneohe from 9/71 to 9/73. I was in Taiwan, Okinawa, and aboard the Blue Ridge off the coast of Vietnam.
2 August 2012 - I'm in Midlothian, Il., a suburb of Chicago.

Webmaster comments   Hey Wild Man, we've had your name on this site for 5 years. Glad to see you found us. I will tell the system to send your user ID and password so you can complete your profile. That will help your brothers find you.

Welcome Home, Marine!

ed lynch |
13 July 2012

GySgt Jimmie Combs |
I have a pic of Garrett if you would like a copy
25 June 2012 - Statesville, North Carolina

Chuck G. | |
I am looking for Sergeant Andrew Cahill . My e-mail adress is chuck_gs@hotmail.com
5 May 2012 - New Jersey

Glen Edward Caldwell |
Served with US Army 303rd Radio Reseach Bn (SIGINT) Longh Binh as SSG (MOS 98C) from May 66-67. Duties TAREX (identification and courier to MACV J2 of captured codes, cryptographers, SOI, and signal equipment) from FIELD FORCE II (1st Inf Div, 25th Div, 173rd Airborne Bde, 196th Inf Bde. 199th Inf Bde. Participated in Junction City/Cedar Falls. Nothing but great respect for our marine brothers. Welcome home!
22 April 2012 - Virginia Beach, VA

David Hampton |
Recognized Steffee and Hogan from the unit picture. Were at Imperial Beach together. Other familiar sounding names but father time has taken a toll
19 April 2012 - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Jim (JJ) Hansen |
Looking for 2571's at Co. E from Dec. 69 to June 71 and 2nd Radio/Gitmo July to Dec. 71
7 April 2012 - Minneapolis MN

Larry Stoneking |
Looking for anyone with pics of rocket damage of 9/6/69 and chopper crash across from Camp Horn Jan 1970. Thanks..
2 April 2012 - Middletown, Oh

Sgt Roos rick |
looking for anyone who served with subunit 1 1st anglico who was TAD from 7th com in 1972
26 March 2012

Dave | |
Spoke with a former Co. D, MSB, Okinawa Marine tonight and when trying to look for Maj. Michael L. Lehto, our CO in 1968, found this web-site. Read a couple of names from my Co. F, MSB, Bremerhaven/Rota days from 1971-1973. Anyone ever hear from Maj. A. P. Finlon, our CO for part of that time?
10 March 2012 - Aurora, CO 80013

mike mclellan | |
one more thing, if you know anyone who was wounded, and rides, We now have a Purple Heart Riders Group w over 200 members nationwide. See our website. Tell anyone you know who was combat-wounded
2 March 2012 - Cambridge

Just discovered this group. Brought back ev'thing. Was @ KheSahn (nope...i missed the first 2 days...finished my tour there.) I have a list of men in our group, and have not seen any of their names. Will list soon, look for contact. Also have 12 of the 48 pics I took that I was 'permitted' to receive fm Kodak....
2 March 2012 - Cambridge, MA 02141 (and Maui, HI)

rod carter |
I was TAD to Fleet Support Det Bravo in the 69-70 time period, flying the EC-121, P-3 and EA-3B. Cant remember what Army unit but I remember providing Tech Data to both the AirForce RC-135 and Army ARDF unit on occasions. Semper fi Rod Carter, CWO-3 USMC Retired.
24 February 2012

Tino | |
I served with the Army ASA from 6/65 to 1/69. Visit my web site at http://www.chui101.com/tet68.html Send your eyewitness account of Tet 68 to me via email. Our unit went TDY from Danang to MACV detachments in I Corps including Quang Tri and Dong Ha.
20 February 2012 - San Francisco East Bay

Dick Field |
@Ed Lynch -- Army? Oh, yeah - I joined up here because when I first arrived at Chu Lai with the 408th RR Det, my traffic analysis trick chief was a Marine gunny - in the bubble ops hut. Any other Army guys here?
19 February 2012

ed lynch |
I wasn't aware that the Army ( ASA) worked in many of the same areas that we did till I saw this site, and some of the links..... http://407thrrd.proudlyserved.us/index.html
12 February 2012

Al Joye |
Unfortunately I have determined that Bob Dunlap died in 2011 at the age of 75. I am sure that those of you who knew Bob will remember as being "spit and polish with starched utilities", always laughing, full of practical jokes and a great handball player. I truly wish I would have located him before he passed.
23 January 2012

Al Joye |
Trying to locate Bob Dunlap. Stationed in Bremerhaven 68-70. He may be living in Florida.
21 January 2012

Tom Hunnicutt |
Master Sergeant James J. Leake
(USMC Retired)
November 2, 1937 - January 5, 2012

Master Sergeant James J. Leake began his military career Marine Wireman (2511). Promoted to PFC in 1956 he was transferred to H&S Battery, 12th Marine, 3rd Marine Division, FMF. Prior to being transferred to E. Company 2nd Bn, 3rd Marine Division, he was promoted to Cpl (E-4) until 1958 as a Radio Manual Morse Operator (2533). In 1958 he was further transferred to Marine Barrack, Hasting, Nebraska as a Marine Sergeant (E-5) until 1959. At that time he was then transferred to 1st Recon Bn, 1st Marine Division, FMF at Camp Pendleton, California. In 1959 to 1961 he served aboard the USS PRINCETON (LPHS) as a Communicator (2533). In 1961 through 1963 he served with A & C BTRY, 11th Marines, 1st Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, California. He was then transferred to K Company, Marine Support Battalion (MSB), Pensacola, Florida. In 1964 – 1965 he was assigned to H Company, MSB, Key West Florida (2533). In 1965 – 1968 he was assigned to F Company, MSB, Karamasel, Turkey and Bremerhaven Germany. Promoted to Staff Sergeant in 1968 his MOS was re-designated 2571 (Intercept Operator) and transferred L Co. MSB, Phu Bai, South Vietnam, as a Intercept Chief. From 1969 to 1970 he was stationed 2nd Radio Bn, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and promoted to Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt). In 1970 – 1971 he attended Cryptanalysis (CA) School, Fort Devens, Massachusetts.

In 1971 he was transferred to 1st Radio Bn, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii and assigned to the Electronic Warfare Platoon. In April 1972 he was detached with Detachment N, 1st Radio Battalion, 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade (9th MAB) and assign duty as a CA intelligence (Code and Cipher Analysis). In early summer 1972 he was transferred to the USS NEWPORT NEWS, Gulf of Tonkin as the CA Chief. Upon returning to Hawaii from South Vietnam he was assigned duty at the NCOIC of the 1st Radio Battalion Motor Pool, which involved highly classified electronic communication equipment and vans. In 1973, now Master Sergeant (MSgt) Leake was transferred to Co. E. MSB, Misawa, Japan through 1976. At that time he was further transferred to Co. A, 2nd Plt and then EW Plt, 2nd Radio Battalion, FMF, Camp Lejeune. NC where he served as the Operations Chief until his retirement.

Tom Hunnicutt
1st Lt. USMC Retired
9 January 2012

Albert Shorkey |
I have the unfortunate news that MGYSGT Bernard A. Shorkey (Ret.) passed away on Nov.24 2011 from cancer. He passed away in Vero Beach, Fl with his family at his side. For those who knew him say a Semper Fi for him . He served with pride and conviction for 26 yrs in The MARINE Corps. and 3 years in THE U.S.Army
7 January 2012 - Florida

David Ekardt |
Good afternoon,

I have sad news to report; Jim Leake has died this morning. He had been battling cancer for the past year. Many of us know him as our old Gunny from 1st Radio Battalion in Hawaii after we were pulled out of Viet Nam. He retired several
years ago as a Master Sgt. Those of us who served with him then have many fond
memories of that time, and of the several reunions that we had since then. I spoke with him on Christmas Day and he was in good spirits, even knowing the
time was near. Bobby Ratliff and I met up with him in DC two years ago and he
was the picture of health then, spending two days on his feet all day, attending
the Marine Museum, and NSA Museum, plus attending the 9/12 rally. His health
really deteriorated over the past year as those who met up with him a few months ago can attest to. We will keep you posted o any funeral arrangements.

Semper Fi,
Dave Ekardt
5 January 2012 - Tampa, Fl

Webmaster comments   Services will be at 1pm on Tuesday Jan 10th at the Johnson Funeral Home on Henderson Extension in Jacksonville.
Burial will be a Military Service at the VA Cemetery.

RIP, Gunny.

ed lynch |
ASA Mobile Radio Direction Finding and Morse Intercept -check out this video.
19 December 2011

Jon Carrow |
An absolute delight to find this site. I was one of the three Navy Corpsmen originally and permanently assigned to the 1st Radio Bn at K-Bay in the early Summer of 1965; I also briefly served in the DaNang sub-unit in early 1966. Many, MANY happy memories of those days despite the hardships that come in a combat situation. I trust all of those with whom we are somehow and sadly out of touch continue to receive blessings.
17 December 2011 - Arlington, VA and Fort Lauderdale, FL

Webmaster comments   Jon,

Glad you found us. You are qualified to join us and then search for your buddies. Simply register.


Charles (Buddy) Lee |
When I was with 1stCompRadCo in Hawaii, Jun 62 – Jan 63, I met this guy who was from Ky. I really do not remember if he was with 1stRadio or not, but he did live in barracks area. On week-ends when we were broke we played pool in the rec. room. I can’t even remember his name. On two trips to Alabama in the late 60’s and 80’s, I ran into him in Huntsville and Birmingham. I believe he said he was in the insurance business. What I do have is this picture. Does anyone knows him?

Semper Fi,
13 December 2011

Webmaster comments   Please click through the picture link above. If you have any ideas to help Buddy, then also click through his name and email Buddy.

Paul Arcand USMC |
Stood post the night of the fire. God bless those that gave thier lives in service.
8 December 2011

Jim Mawdsley |
Looking to contact with Rick Kowalski. Contact me if anyone knows of his where abouts.
14 November 2011

Greg Young |
Last month I drove with my son to Corry Field. In his 6th year in the Navy. Was a SeaBee and did tours in Iraq and Afganistan but had to change jobs or get out. He got a CTN position and now assigned to CTN school at Corry, 44 years after I was there for CT school. What a coincidence. Fun to see how the base has grown up.Semper Fi to all.
2 November 2011

Justin Lyman |
I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for paving the way for us younger Marines! (i was 2D RAD BN from 95-99)

Your life-long scars, external AND internal DO NOT go unnoticed...not by my kids, and sure as hell not by me!

Semper Fi!
29 October 2011 - Kennewick, washington

Edward Sorace |
Just found this site. Was Navy Corpsman with 2nd platoon A 1/1 July 70 to Jan 71. The to BAS on Hill 37 until pulled off with withdraw. Treated mortor attack Jan 71. on Hill 37. Doc Ed
11 October 2011

Gunny Ike |
Am I missing something or has there been no postings since August? What happened? Where did everybody go?
10 October 2011 - Front Royal, VA

Jim |
Just found this site. I served in Vietnam at LZ Stud, Signal Hill, and LZ Cunningham in Operation Dewey Canyon. I then went to Co F in Germany in 70 and 71. I was an O Brancher.
1 August 2011

Mike McLellan |
ok, I can breathe again. First attempt at connecting w my Marine Corps past. Guess at least some of you unnerstand. I do have about 6 pics fm KheSahn and a couple Polaroids. Somehow, out of 2 rolls of 24 pics, 'they' only processed a few. When I learn about uploading, I'll try, as I'd like to connect w some of our 'sandbag crew'. Ben Wildman? you out there???and Sgt Handlebar 'Stash'???(who carried me to comm. bunker after a 155 mm hit. Always wanted to say thanks
30 July 2011 - Cambridge, MA and Maui, HI

Mclellan, Michael F 226 7779 |
Wow...a little hard to read these names, Dong Ha, LZ Stud, Phu Bai, Chu Lai, and (esp) Khe Sahn. I was in those places, with my best friends. 1st Rad Bn (during Tet). Tom? Sgt Weiland, Gildea, Dan O, Mehia, Anyone??? Write to me, please. You all know...it never goes away...
30 July 2011 - Cambridge, MA and Maui, HI

Webmaster comments   Mike,

The best way to find your band of brothers is to register yourself off the Login page. Then you can login and search for your buddies using MOS or city and state (as well as by name of course).

Semper Fi,


Rod Carter |
Great site Rick, currently living in San Angelo West Texas. Remember many of the great Marines on this site. Anyone who served with me pls contact me. Retired in 89 after 22 years.
29 July 2011

Webmaster comments   Rod,

Thanks. You know you can login and then search for your Band of Brothers and reach them pro-actively. In Texas you will find 31 men still (mostly) kickin'.


Rod Carter |
served with FltSptDet Danang flying on the 21's. P-3's and EA3-B. spent lot of time at 1st RadBn and 327. Still have a few Pic's if I can find them.
29 July 2011

Ric Warnick |
We had a DF site up on BaNa MT. in 69. Do any of you guys that were up there have any pictues of the site or the old French resort? My first day back from leave on my extened tour I took a resupply to BaNa. I remember a waterfall and pool down the mountain. Do any of you have a picture of that?
27 July 2011 - Midland, TX

Janet Barrett |
Harold Wadley would like to find his buddy Wilcox (not sure of the first name). They were together in George Co., 3/5, Korea, c. 1953. Any info I will gladly pass along. E-mail: jbarr711@comcast.net
6 July 2011 - Korea, c. 1953

Dave Sowers |
Can anyone point me to a decent sized jpg or bmp of the Subunit 1 or the 1 Radbn insignia (the ones with the VN map in green)? believe it or not, I found a plaque iof that insignia in a bar near Lejune last year but didn't have a decent camera. My son does screen printing and I want him to make me a tee shirt.
Thanks and Semper Fi
Dave Sowers
Det A SU 1 1st Radio (327)
Aug66-mar 67
3 July 2011 - Charleston, SC

ed |
Jim--email me please, I can help you out.........elynch3592@hotmail.com
23 June 2011 - port clinton, oh

James Kingery | |
I am Paul Kingery's nephew by adoption looking for photo's, letters, anything from or of my uncle from his Marine life and death; also looking for info from people he served with. All I have ever gotten is conjecture, innuendo, made up stories and guesses from hometown friends and teachers whose minds were left to wander and speculate.
22 June 2011 - Cleveland Ohio

Webmaster comments   Men, Paul Kingery was KIA May 13, 1968 in Quang Nam province, RVN. Please help his nephew if you have any pertinent memories. Click on the email icon to right of his name. - Rick

Wayne |
WT Roberts sent me this site. Tks.

Seeking info on Rich Byrd or J.J. Harkless?
17 June 2011 - Maryland

Webmaster comments   Wayne,

We have Harkless' name from a January, 1969 roster but he has not checked in yet. Don't know anything about Rich Byrd.

If you register yourself, they will have a better chance of finding you.

Semper Fi,


clinton r johnson III |
16 May 2011

William C. McBeath MSgt Ret |
In touch with Harold Beasley and Jack Tarrant. We served at Camp Smith before going to Kaneohe Bay in 59. First Composite 59-61, 2nd Rad 63-65, 1st Rad 65-68 with a short tour at Sub-Unit One in 66, the 68-69 again with Sub-Unit. Made a few TAD trips with then Lt and Capt Grey, later Commandant. Love to hook up with some old buddies.
24 April 2011 - I'm in Oxford, Alabama,

Webmaster comments   Top,

Register yourself so you can search our database and find your friends!

Semper Fi,


John Moberly |
Served with Co. L at Phu Bai from Feb 67 to Jan 68. Hope to hear from some of you!
8 April 2011 - Anderson, In

Webmaster comments   John,

Register yourself so you can search our database and find your friends!

Semper Fi,


Jeff Douglas |
looking for Steve Charlton-USMC- served at chu lai republic of--- 65-66
28 March 2011 - last known Yonkers-NY

Sandy Brown |
I am the widow of Marine Sgt. Howard (Lee) Brown. He served in Chu Lai Vietnam as a Crypto Specialist from 1966 to 1967. Looking for anyone who may have known Lee.
11 March 2011 - Hurst, IL

hines g. l. |
great web site!!! all marines semper fi
7 March 2011 - l / ville ,ky.

Rebecca McNamara Sober |
I am looking for anyone who knew/served with my father Carl Robert McNamara. He has passed and I would love to reconnect with his buddies and learn more about him.
1 March 2011 - Ft Riley, KS

Harold Mawdsley |
Anyone know the where abouts of Leroy Lindeman? Originally from Belt, MT. In VN 1967-1969, mostly in Hdqtr, Da Nang. Married an Austie while on R&R.
1 March 2011 - Moline, IL

Rod Carter |
Just found this site, 1967-1989, retired CWo-3
26 February 2011 - All Over, Sub Unit 1 VN 69-70

Webmaster comments   Rod,

Glad you found us. Now, register yourself so others can find you.

Semper Fi,


Robert Clatty |
Sgt - Co "L" Marine Support Bn
Phu Bai, RVN 68-69
Assigned with 8th RRFS
12 January 2011 - Cerro Gordo, NC

Webmaster comments   Bob, get your butt back to YOUR site and register so your buddies can find you!


John McKay |
that might have been gunner Michaels
2 January 2011

ed lynch |
who was the WO that got a purple heart when he fell and broke his arm during incoming on 327 in1967??
31 December 2010

John McKay |
I see Top McDonough wants a
bronze star. As I recall, his purple
heart was a result of running into
barbed wire one night at Dong Ha.
Wonder how he got a Bronze.
Maybe cutting into the chow line.
28 December 2010

Dale I. Nicholson | |
Does anyone have contact info. on Brian J. Mahoney who was from Miami, FL?? He graduated from Marine boot camp at Parris Island, SC (Plt. 211) on 10May63 and then went to CT training at Corry Field, Pensacola, FL in July 63. He was in Adak, Alaska and Vietnam in 1666 with 1st Radio Bn.
16 November 2010 - Atlanta, GA

Webmaster comments   Login, then search. You'll find his email and snail mail addresses. He's still in Miami.

Cannot login? Register yourself.


Tom Cunnally |
Happy Birthday USMC & Semper Fi
57 years ago I enlisted in the Marines. It was my 18th Birthday 11/10/1953.
10 November 2010 - Mountain View CA

Bernard Puglisi |
Was with the DaNang DASC (Direct Air Support Center) and MASS (Marine Air Support Squadron) (as Asst Ops Officer) on Hill 327 4/25/70 -4/17/71( with ASRT unit)
5 November 2010 - Chamapign IL

J. R. Hildreth |
Looking for William S. "Bill" Johns from 1969 Company K Marine Support Battalion, NAS Corry Field, Pensacola, Florida
5 October 2010 - Florida

Anyone avail to help on my bronze star that Gen Gray still holds All I need is an officer to read what Barney wrote to HQMC
8 October 2010 - Melbourne Fl

John Kennedy |
Don Pountain - i think his first name was bobby. he practiced in front of mirror in head. i recall him sparring with ken norton at pensacola
26 September 2010

MGySgt John J McDonough |
Barney Prosser told me he wrote a Bronze Star award and Col Gray took it home on emerg lv and never submitted it. HQMC, Barney and Gen Gray have Doc's HQMC told me to get two Officers I served with in Vietnam to verify what is in the Doc's I have. Can anyone help? JJMCD
24 September 2010 - 6125 Trieda Dr Melbourne Fl 32940

Bill O'Neill |
Jake Bowditch is recovering slowly. He can read, talk some, and walk with assistant on one person. Going into new VA hospital in Saint Augustine FL soon. Thanks Butch! AOOOOOOOOAH!
24 September 2010 - Boston

John Benson |
John Kennedy. I left Corry Field for 1st Radio early in 64, then was in Phu Bai, Chu Lai, Danang off and on in 65-66.
23 September 2010

John Kennedy |
Correy Field 1964/hq co 2nd regt 2nd div 65/2nd rad bn 65/66/phu bai 66/67 contact me pls--anyone
21 September 2010 - Renovo, PA

Webmaster comments   John,

Best way to find your Marine buddies is to login, click Search button, enter 1967 next to Phu Bai, click Search. This will get you a list of men there when you were there. Also check one year earlier and later.


Tyler Calaway |
Hey, very cool site
13 September 2010 - US

Bruce 'BR' Smith | |
Just heard from Ron Reilich that Jane Bowditch called to say that Jake is home and recovering from his stroke. Up and moving, slowly but still recovering
2 September 2010 - Bemidji, Mn.

CTTCM Homer D. Morgan, USN Ret |
Looking for John Bates, CT Marine stationed in San Vito, Italy , late 70's
30 July 2010 - Atlanta, Ga

Bob Rugg |
I am looking for anyone who might know where Capt. Sepulveda might be. He was my C.O. at Camp Lejuene when i was with 2nd radio bn. If anyone has info on his whereabouts or how to reach him please contact me at ruggedbob62@gmail.com Thanks
30 July 2010

Webmaster comments   Bob,

Benny Sepulveda is shown in our database at Pensacola. Call 411 there and ask for him. BTW, he retired as a Major.


Frank Biggs (Trumble) CTO1 Retired | |
I served FMF DaNang RVN during 1970, volunteering from San Migual. One of the Navy Spooks that enjoyed the company of the 1st RAD BATT Marines. Will remember the place until the end. I do remember OBOE!
21 July 2010 - Portland, OR

Jim Lakey |
Stumbled on this website. My brother was Stanley K. Lakey. He died in 2007 in Walla Walla, Washington.
19 July 2010 - Kenneiwick, Washington

Webmaster comments   Jim,

I'm sorry you lost your brother. RIP, Stanley.


Donald R. Brown |
Terry Rossiter. Send me a note at drbrown38@juno.com I was in Dong Ha Sep67 until Feb68, then Danang Feb68-Aug68. I worked in DF, and our paths crossed several times.
25 June 2010

Terry Rossiter |
Ist Rad Bn Jan 68 till Feb 69
327, Chu Lai and Dong Ha
Love to hear from old friends
17 June 2010 - Vacaville, Ca.

ed lynch |
here are some photos from 1967.. http://picasaweb.google.com/ed3592/VN1967?authkey=Gv1sRgCOGJo4Kan-m1_gE#.
20 June 2010

Davis C Bruce | |
To contact me about Jake, email me at kb1pdv@earthlink.net
26 May 2010 - Mid-Cape Cod, Mass.

Davis C. Bruce | |
A lot of you know Jake Bowditch. He and I were at Comm Co Hq Bn, 2nd Mar Div, Camp Lejeune. I just got an email from his wife saying that he had a stroke Sunday morning, is in intensive care, it is touch and go, they don't know much more than that, lost mobility in his right side, etc
26 May 2010 - Mid-Cape Cod, Mass.

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