West Africa
April, 2006

Valerie and Lesli Stinger and Rick Swan enjoyed the hospitality of the people of Benin and Senegal and Peace Corps Volunteer BJ Lockhart in Senegal.  These are our stories...

    Overview (50 pics)

    Benin (123 pics)

    Senegal (127 pics)

Where are those countries?  Find them here.  Scroll down for Benin and Senegal locations.


Where we visited:


Cotonou (capital)

Park W (wildlife park overlapping Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger in the north.  PArk W is so named because of the shape of Niger river between Burkina Faso and Niger.)

Abomey (ancient capital before the colonists)

Ouida (not shown on map, port of no return, among 5 others on the coast, for 3 million slaves)


Dakar (capital)

Saint-Louis (old capital)

Podor (town of 14-20 thousand people and our host family and guide)

Park Langue de Barbarie (final rest stop in Senegal, just south of Saint-Louis; think birds!)